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MSQ 2018 Trip To China


In April 2018, MSQ Ventures hosted several companies from North America on a trip in China, including a cancer immunotherapy biotech company, an anti-gravity treadmill wellness company, a biotech that provides real-time luminous maps for oncologic surgeries, etc. During the trip, MSQ ventures, along with its clients, participated in conferences and had meetings with government agencies, top healthcare funds, and pharmaceutical companies in China.

On April 18, 2018, MSQ and its clients participated in the “Well-known Chinese And Foreign Enterprises’ Visit To Sichuan” Investment And Promotion Conference which was held in Chengdu, China. The Secretary of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and Communist Party Chief of Sichuan, the vice governor of Sichuan Province, and other Chinese government officials, along with many well-known Chinese and foreign companies, attended the event to discuss key opportunities between Chinese companies and overseas companies.

From April 20 to 22, MSQ and its clients were invited to attend the "Taihu (Mashan) Life science and Healthcare Forum - 2018 Biopharmaceutical and Financial Innovation", which was held in Wuxi. The theme of the conference is "Biopharmaceutical Innovation and Capital Financing". More than 800 top local and overseas experts, scholars, and industry professionals participated in the conference, and exchanged ideas related to clinical oncology, protein antibody research, capital financing for biopharmaceutical innovation, new drug delivery systems, research and evaluation of new vaccines topics, etc.

During the trip to China, MSQ Ventures, along with its clients also visited Beijing, Shanghai, and Wuxi to seek opportunities for collaboration with Chinese healthcare companies and funds. 100+  tier 1 one-on-one meetings were achieved, and MSQ helped its clients to gain valuable insights about the China healthcare market from top strategic investors, government agencies, and industry partners.

During the conferences, Chinese government conveyed huge incentives for importing innovative technology of healthcare industry. Part of their new policies includes providing subsidies when an innovative drug enters China or completes each stage of clinical trial. MSQ believes that this would be a great opportunity for the companies who plan to enter Chinese market and to be licensed in China.