Oxford BioTherapeutics

Oxford BioTherapeutics

MSQ Ventures’ insights into China's healthcare industry was invaluable in enabling my team, and I, to evaluate, accurately, the enormous opportunities, within OBT’s therapeutic space, in China. MSQ’s custom-tailored research and meticulous approach helped my team and I achieve a deeper understanding of the Chinese biotech landscape, and effectively establish high-quality partnerships with active biotech investors and biopharma partners within a very short amount of time. 

This was instrumental in me closing a Chinese investment quickly and efficiently. MSQ’s expertise in deal structure, valuation and negotiation was an important factor in this success. MSQ's extensive network and diligent follow-up of meetings after our first roadshow, the 2019 JP Morgan Conference and, subsequently, our second roadshow, is impressive. 

Throughout the process, the MSQ team demonstrated professionalism and dedication in helping my team accomplish our fundraising and partnering goals. I am confident and excited about the opportunity to execute our objectives in China and to contribute to making China an important and leading player in the immune-oncology space. 

-- Dr. Christian Rohlff

Founder and Chief Executive Officer



MSQ Ventures, with their expertise and broad connections in China healthcare industry, demonstrates great professionalism and outstanding performance during all the collaborations with us. MSQ Ventures provided a comprehensive and thorough China market assessment report with deep insights of the IVD market landscape and multidisciplinary experts interview including physicians, regulatory and industrial experts, which led to our China road show. The 5-day China roadshow trip was well organized with 1-1 meetings with partners and investors, selecting from well-established companies with potential synergies to Singulex’s business strategy. MSQ’s strong global teamwork made my China roadshow experience very smooth, effective and efficient. A special thanks to the MSQ China team, who navigated all my roadshow meetings. The China team was very helpful in my discussions with the potential Chinese partners. I was especially impressed how quickly the MSQ team understood Singulex’s need which was important to help align with the strategy of the partner and investors. I appreciate the follow-ups in a timely manner, which simplified the roadshow process. I had overall, a very good experience working with MSQ Ventures team.

-- Guido Baechler

President and Chief Executive Officer, Singulex

It is very important to have someone who is familiar with your business and the Chinese culture when you are executing a deal or non-deal roadshow in China. MSQ Ventures excels in this category. They understood our business model, pipeline and how to communicate our deal opportunity. They were able to strategically match our need with their top tier Chinese investor network. As a result, we had a successful roadshow in Hangzhou and Shanghai.

-- Dr. Thomas Schlumpberger

Vice President, Corporate Development and Alliance Management


IMV Inc.

We are impressed with MSQ's high quality deliverables and expertise of China healthcare industry as well as their acute attention to our needs, goals and timeline. In just two months, MSQ prepared us well for China, as we achieved our goals and gained valuable insights regarding our strategic potential in China. MSQ prepared us for our China trip by helping us attain deep insights of China’s pharmaceutical industry, specifically our vertical. They created an excellent custom-tailored report, which covered top-down market analysis, strategic partners/ investors, competitive landscape, M&A activity, valuation, KOLs and expert opinions. We had a great roadshow experience during our nine-day trip to China in four major cities, where MSQ Ventures helped arrange high-quality one-on-one meetings with tier 1 Chinese strategics for capital and collaboration opportunities. It was amazing to see how Chinese healthcare has dramatically evolved from a capital, collaborative, communication and sophistication perspective.

-- Mr. Frederic Ors

Chief Executive Officer



The Tier 1 strategic investors MSQ Ventures introduced were of the highest professional quality. The majority of the investors were knowledgeable and well-prepared. They understood our underlying technology and core competencies in short order, which differentiates MSQ Venture’s network in China from other firms.

-- Mr. Boo J. L. Nilsson

Chief Executive Officer



Based on its extensive network in China, MSQ Ventures helped arrange 40+ one-on-one high quality meetings with tier 1 Chinese strategics and financial investors during our 1-week roadshow in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. The entire trip was most efficient as we met the top investors in our industry, and gained an invaluable insight of the China market. The critical materials prepared by MSQ Ventures facilitated our effective communication with the investors as well.

-- Mr. Fareed Kureshy

Founder, Chairman, President and CEO



MSQ Ventures delivered an excellent final report, helping us to understand the Chinese market and vet feasible options. The visualizations were engaging and easy to follow, and demonstrated a clear vision of the target product market.  KOL and investor feedback was thorough and informed. We found it insightful to learn in-depth about the healthcare regulatory landscape, including pricing and reimbursement policy trends. MSQ’s quality work is adding value to our forward-looking global plan.

-- Ms. Marguerite Hutchinson

VP, Business Development & Legal Affairs

(In April 2011, Plexxikon became a member of the Daiichi Sankyo Group)

Paxman Scalp Cooling

Paxman Scalp Cooling

MSQ Ventures’ sink-in cross-border experience is crucial for our China exposure and connections. Early this September, we participated in an investment tour at the Bo’ao Healthcare Summit in Hainan. The area is known as the CFDA free-trade zone and “Green Path” for western pharmaceuticals and medical devices companies to get expediate access to China. Forums and meetings were very well organized and useful. We participated in roundtables and panel discussions with local government officials including Mr. Guobiao Gao, the Deputy Commissioner for Hainan Foods and Drug Administration and the officers from National Health Commission. We also get to meet top tier strategic investors at the summit. Healthcare investment leaders were highly interested in our technology scope and addressable market. The communication was at ease with no worries verbally or culturally.

     -- Mr. Richard Paxman

Chief Executive Officer



MSQ Ventures has deep-rooted China network and healthcare experience that validated conference engagement success for Inivata. We were invited to Super Hospital and Evergrande Hospital in Bo’ao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone, the first area in China to import high-end international pharmaceuticals and medical device companies for domestic patients. MSQ arranged one-on-one company presentations for Inivata, promoting healthcare development in the Hawaii of China and helping western companies form strategic alliance. The Bo’ao Hainan Healthcare Summit and Chengdu Hangzhou Healthcare Conferences were thorough and remarkable which not only presented China regulatory landscape, hospital penetration and market trends, but also helped Inivata build up a sophisticated perspective on China strategic opportunities. During the Hangzhou Healthcare Conference, we participated in the World Nobel Laureate Biomedical Innovation Competition, in which we presented Inivata’s technology highlights and received the Best Innovation Award and the Most Valuable Medical Invention Award from government officials and Nobel Laureates including Aaron Ciechanover, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry and Edward I. Moser, Nobel Laureate in Physiology. The communication, feedback and follow through experience with Chinese strategic investors were effective, which we will leverage to develop far-reaching China strategics.

VP, Business Development