About Us


MSQ Ventures is a NYC-based cross-border advisory firm that bridges the healthcare and emerging technology industries globally by offering our deep knowledge and local insight of China market. We manage our clients’ cross-border transaction processes including licensing, M&A, fundraising, joint ventures and other strategic partnerships from our offices in New York, Los Angeles, Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen.


MSQ Ventures was founded by a group of Wall Street and healthcare veterans with deep insight into the healthcare landscape in China, the U.S. and Europe. Leveraging our vast network in China, we bring strong healthcare/technology research capability, extensive cross-border transaction experience, local knowledge, and a deep-rooted relationship with the corporate and investment community.   


We offer our clients quality market research and a customized strategy in a comprehensive manner essential for a successful transaction in China. From China market understanding to candidate screening and deal negotiation, our team focuses on efficiency and guides our clients through the entire process.

Why MSQ Ventures

We are your external BD team with high specialty in global business development to help you enter the China market strategically.

  • Deep expertise and thorough understanding of China and global market through high quality market research

  • Diversified team highly experienced in healthcare/technology research, strategic planning and cross-border transactions

  • Extensive network in China healthcare/technology industries and investment community

  • Highly specialized service tailored towards clients’ specific needs

  • Successfully connect western companies to tier-1 strategic partners and investors in China with our full-service roadshow capabilities