Bo’ao China Cross-border Healthcare Investment Summit

Date: Sep 7-9, 2018

Location: Bo'ao, Hainan, China



- Fully Understand the Concept and Implementation of “Fast Approval Process”  without CFDA’s restriction

- One on One Meeting and Direct Interaction with Strategic and Financial  Investors

- Industry-focused Presentation Opportunities with Selected   Investors

- Close-door Panel Discussion with Top Government Officials from both Hainan Government and Hainan CFDA office 

- Raise Awareness in China Market for Western Healthcare Companies

- Visit Local Hospitals and Industrial Parks

- Hainan Free-Trade Zone Tour


Investor Attendees (Partial)


Bo’ao is located in Hainan Province in China, which enjoys a world-wide reputation since 2002 for Bo’ao Forum for Asia. It's also one of the city pre-approved by China's central government where 100% Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises (WFOE) for hospitals and healthcare service delivery platforms can operate. It is also having a fast approval process for new pharmaceuticals and medical devices via a so called “Green Path” by CFDA.

About Bo'ao



September 7th

19:00 - Midnight          Registration & Welcome Dinner


September 8th

9:00 - 9:30                  Opening Remarks

9:30 - 11:30                  Keynote Speech Company Presentations

11:30 - 14:00                 Investor Luncheon & Networking

14:00 – 17:00               International Forum on Oncology Research;                                                            Industry focused presentation                                                                                  One on One Meetings with Investors

17:00 - 20:30               Dinner with Top Government Officials (Invitation Only)


September 9th

9:00 - 11:30                  Panel Discussion with Government & CFDA Officials    

11:00 - 12:30                 Lunch (Company & Free Trade Zone Representatives)

12:30 - 14:00                Visit Local Hospitals and Industrial Parks

14:00 - 15:00                Hainan Free Trade Zone

15:30 - after                 Fly to Chengdu for next meeting if necessary




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