Past Events

MSQ Ventures reviewed thousands of American companies and successfully connected them with our strategic investors and financial investors in China. We hosted many events essential to both the investors and the entrepreneurs, aiming to create a win-win situation.


China Focus @ Europe Vienna | Partnering Opportunities with Chinese Pharma

Vienna, Mar 27, 2019

China Focus @ Europe Vienna forum attracted more than 50 Chinese healthcare leading companies, investors, and Chinese executives. The forum focused on inspiring, educating and engaging cross-border investment and partnership in foremost biopharmaceutical companies and investors globally. more>


JPMorgan-MSQ | 2nd Annual MSQ Healthcare Roadshow

New York, Jan 9, 2019

The Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference is the largest and most informative healthcare investment symposium in the industry. MSQ collaborated with eChinaHealth hosted a roadshow to provide opportunities for top-tier Chinese healthcare investors, as well as financial investors.



12th Annual European Life Sciences CEO Forum

Zurich, Feb 25, 2019

The main focus of Annual European Life Sciences CEO Forum was to address through the main challenges for 2019 in investment, partnering and alliance management. Significant participants contributed their insights in panels which covered the macro picture, as well as innovation in the different therapeutic sectors.



2018 MSQ Blockchain Innovation Summit

New York, Nov 10, 2018

On November 10th, 2018, MSQ Ventures and PWC hosted its Annual Blockchain Innovation Summit in New York City. Experts from the technology industry, finance, legal, and media discussed outlook, regulations, deal structure, trends, latest applications and other related matters driving the Blockchain industry. more>



2019 Cross-Border Healthcare Innovation Summit

New York, Feb 12, 2019

BioKatalyst and MSQ Ventures collaborated together and invite you to the 2019 Cross-Border Healthcare Innovation Summit, sponsored by Dorsey & Whitney and PwC. The conference aimed to bring the latest information to practitioners and individuals who are genuinely excited about healthcare and provide an opportunity to be introduced to top-tier biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. more>


Bo’ao China Cross-border Healthcare Investment Summit

China, Sep 2018

Bo’ao, located in Hainan Province in China, provides fast track approval process for FDA approved pharmaceuticals and medical devices. MSQ Ventures hosted an Investment Tour with Tier 1 Chinese Healthcare Investors& Top Government Officials in September 2018. Over 1000 attendees from Healthcare Industry in China attended this 2-day conference. more>


Cross-border Healthcare Investment Tour                         

China, Sep 2018

MSQ Ventures hosted a 4-day trip in Chengdu& Hangzhou, China. Western companies had 1-1 meetings with tier 1 and tier 2 Chinese Healthcare Investors and strategic partners. Participants also had group discussion with local KOLs and explored local partnership opportunities. more>

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MSQ 2018 Trip To China

China, Apr 2018

In April 2018, MSQ Ventures hosted several companies from North America on a trip in China. During the trip, MSQ and its clients participated in 2 major conferences and held roadshow in Beijing, Shanghai, and Wuxi. more>

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MSQ Ventures Blockchain Summit

New York, Feb 2018

The summit was held in New York from February 7 to February 8. Strategic investors from China including Vice President of Jingdong Pei Jian and the founder of Xunlei (NASDA: XNET) Zou Shenglong. more >


MSQ Ventures Healthcare Roadshow

San Francisco, Jan 2018

MSQ Ventures hosted the 1st Annual MSQ Ventures Healthcare Roadshow in San Francisco, California. The roadshow offered rare and unique opportunities for US-based healthcare companies to connect with Chinese strategic and financial investors. more >

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The 4th Xixi Global Forum

Hangzhou, China, Aug 2017

On August 12th, MSQ Ventures sponsored the 4th Xixi Global Forum, an international finance forum hosted by Convergence of Financial Services Club. During the forum, MSQ Ventures co-hosted the Biotechnology and Healthcare Roundtable session and the Global Project Roadshow. more >


The US-China Trade Roundtable

New York, Nov 2017

On November 2nd, the US-China Trade Roundtable was hosted by MSQ Ventures in New York.  After the event, the key officials from Shanghai government offered an advisory relationship with MSQ Ventures. more >


MSQ Ventures 2017 CEO-Investor Conference

New York, Apr 2017

MSQ Ventures 2017 CEO-Investor Conference was held at New York City on April, 17th. The conference lasted two days and attended by entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs from innovative U.S. companies and strategic investors from China. more >

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The US-China Cross-Border Biotech Roadshow

San Diego, Sep 2017

To stimulate healthcare-related technology communication and identify the opportunities of investment, MSQ Ventures also hosted the US-China Cross-Border Biotech Roadshow in San Diego, beginning from September 24th to October 1st. more >