Future Events


Bo’ao China Cross-border Healthcare Investment Summit


Date: Sep 7-9, 2018                                                  Location: Bo'ao, Hainan, China

Bo’ao, located in Hainan Province in China, provides fast track approval process for FDA approved pharmaceuticals and medical devices. MSQ Ventures will host Investment Tour
with Tier 1 Chinese Healthcare Investors & Top Government Officials in September 2018. Over 1000 attendees from Healthcare Industry in China will attend this 2-day conference.


Cross-border Healthcare Investment Tour


Date: Sep 10-13, 2018                                            Location: Chengdu & Hangzhou, China

MSQ Ventures will host a a 4-day trip in Chengdu & Hangzhou, China. Western companies will have 1-1 meetings with tier 1 and tier 2 Chinese Healthcare Investors and strategic partners. Participants will also have group discussion with local KOLs and explore local partnership opportunities.


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